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Schiller Stas Collective: A collection of film photography shot all over Allston, Massachusetts, and beyond. 

Ben Stas @noisefloorphoto

Wendy Schiller @renascenscing


IanSanity @iantartasky

"It's hard not to be positively or negatively impacted by the billions of bits of information that our mind takes in every day, especially now in the age of instant connection. How could we possibly deal with this abundance of existence? Thankfully, I have found my survival in acts of colorful meditation that result in neo-baroque maximalist kaleidoscopic pop-art compositions. By painting sloppy but wildly detailed paintings I am able to calm my thoughts, face my emotions, and challenge my brain - all while exploring a process that combines my many skills, techniques, and conquered mediums."


Lux Lucidi @lucideadlimb

"Luci Dead Limb is a multifaceted project created by interdisciplinary artist and musician Lux Lucidi. Under this name, their intention is to create work both sonically and visually that intersect identity, spirituality, craft, catharsis, and anti-fascist themes. The work's textures are often fascinated with nature and industrial essence, while holding eerie space and the themes of echoing occultism."


Adam O'Day & Pete Cosmos
@adam_oday | @petecosmos